Tickets & Options

Please read carefully before filling in the registration form (link ▼▼▼ lower down)aAmrita-9545



Support Ticket

3-Day Pass:  220 EUR (20 tickets contingent)

We would highly appreciate your support and help to develop the NEW HOME for schwelle7 in Berlin.

Regular Ticket

3-Day Pass:  185 EUR (60 tickets contingent)

Please check your financial resources and choose the ticket that corresponds to. We would be very happy if you can leave the lower price category to those with less income. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

1-Day Ticket

1-Day Pass:  90 EUR (10 tickets contingent) - only for Friday or Saturday and wihout access to the play party!

Once the upper ticket contingents have been sold out, some left over tickets will be sold at the Box Office
Last Chance directly at the Box Office

3-Day Pass:  220 EUR

1-Day Pass:  110 EUR

The box office opens each day 1 hr. before the first workshop starts.
PLEASE NOTE: Payments in cash money only! No bank cards accepted! No cash dispenser around!



Social Ticket***

3-Day Pass:  150 EUR (20 tickets contingent)

For financially disadvantaged only with documents proving low-income:
pupils/trainees (over 18) / full-time students* / jobseekers / people with disabilities (from degree of handicap 70) etc. (* international student cards will not be accepted!)

ATTENTION!  Should proof of low-income (e.g. current tax bill, which proofs that you do not need to pay any taxes or valid official authorization ID / document) neither be uploaded at registration nor presented at the box office when picking up the ticket, a supplement of 70 EUR up to the then applicable daily box office price (220 EUR) will be charged!!    
A ticket acquired in advance cannot be cancelled at the box office. A refund of the ticket amount paid is not possible. A reduced social ticket is personalized and cannot be passed on!
In the registration form a Low-Income-Proof will be asked for a social ticket***.


Ticket Transfer: another participant will take over a registered and paid ticket with a 15 EUR transcription fee paid in cash at the boxoffice on arrival. Please enter the name of the original ticket holder, who paid for the ticket into the account/former ticket holder's name field in the registration form.


V.I.P./Guest + Team Pass: for this passes a prior personal invitation by the producers is needed. Without such an invitation the registration will be void and not processed.


3-Day Pass:  includes free admission to all workshops on all 3 days of the event and the free entrance to the Play Party "The Aristocracy of Desire" on Sunday evening.  The Play Party is open only for registered Xplore Rome participants with 3-day pass and the Xplore team!

1-Day Pass:  includes free admission to all workshops on either Friday or Saturday. Participation in the Play Party is generally not possible with that pass. An extra party ticket is not available at all.
But there is the possibility to upgrade the 1-day pass at the box office by paying a supplement of 100 EUR to get a 3-day pass with access to the party.




There are some possibilities to get discount on full 3-day passes, which you can apply for in the registration form:


if you are a group of 6 persons than you just pay 5 full 3-day passes. the 6th person (group leader) gets a guest pass, free of charge.

For the discount-code: GROUP + <full legal name of the group leader as written in the registration form>

Please insert this code in all the 6 personal registration forms of all members of the group.

Everybody, even the group leader, needs to pay by PalPal first, to verify the participation. After the payment is processed the group leader will get fully reimbursed through PayPal (incl. the service fee).


if you want to participate also in other Xplore festivals this year you get a discount of 20 EUR on each full 3-day pass per festival.

For the discount-code: XPLORE PARTICIPATION also at <Berlin and/or Copenhagen>

Please insert this code and pay by PalPal first, to verify the participation at all the desired festivals. After the payment is processed at both or all three festivals you will get 20 EUR/festival reimbursed through PayPal (incl. the partial service fee).


this discount you could get through a special sales campaign by the producers only.

You will get your personal discount-code by the producers if you are entitled to. Please refrain from any asking.




Accommodation at Borgo Paola (see more at the Service B&B page)

There are a few very attractive apartments with 2 and 3 beds available as well as the possibility to share a dormitory space or put up a tent in the garden.

  • - in double bed apartment for couples:  € 480.- per weekend - 2 private double bed apartments available only!
  • - in three bed apartment for a group:  € 450.- per weekend - 1 three bed apartment available only!
  • - in three bed dormitory apartment:  € 120.- per weekend and person - 2 three bed dormitory apartments (separated for man and women) available only!
  • - in dormitory (sala rettangolare): € 60.- per weekend and person / bring your own sleeping bag and mat
  • - in tent on the lawn: 30.- per weekend and person / bring your own tent and everything else you need

If you are interested to book one of the apartments or a bed in an apartment, please inquire through the  Contact Form

This accommodation offer at Borgo Paola is only available as package for the entire Xplore Rome weekend, 3 nights (Fri - Sun), together with a 3-day pass alongside the registration process!

We recommend everybody to arrive on Friday morning in time. The box office opens at 10 a.m. and catering will be available.

If you need to arrive already on Thursday evening (because you come from abroad, or you just found a very special offer for your flight / train...) we will welcome you as well, but we can't guarantee any other plus service (like catering, bar, shuttle service etc.) as we will be busy for putting up the logistics for the weekend. You can pay the extra night in cash on arrival.
If so, please inform us through the Contact Form as soon as possibile, so we can help you to find the best solution for your arrival (accomodation, shuttle, etc...)




Catering at Borgo Paola (see more at the Service B&B page)

Xplore Rome Catering: Delicious Organic Food prepared by passionate people

Tommaso and Micol Alfieri have a reputation for distinctive contemporary, yet typically Mediterranean cooking, founded on fresh, high-quality ingredients, skilful preparation and a solid philosophy of food ethics. They will prpare a light vegetarian menu each day, consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the specific requirements of the xplore participants in mind. All recipes will use only seasonal and regional produce, of a mostly organic or biodynamic origin, specifically sourced from selected local farmers. Vegan participants will also be provided for, if pre-booked.

What to expect…

For breakfast there will be coffee, milk, tea or herbal tea, different fruit juices, yogurt, cereals and fruit, bread and butter, an assortment of cheeses and fresh vegetables, plus two daily choices of home made cake: ciambellone, crostata, carrot cake, ricotta-chocolate cake.

For lunch they serve a unique plate composed of three especially digestive creations, for example: zucchini balls, spicy buckwheat&vegetable salad, sweet pepper-basil-tomato salad, followed by a dessert of pear&cheese cake with chocolate flakes, or their special gazpacho with crostini, farmer tortilla and Greek salad followed by a water melon-mint-Macedonia, and of course water, as well as a glass of red or white wine.

Dinner time offers a special meal each day, including: antipasto, first plate, second plate, dessert and a glass of beer or wine. Here are some of their mouth watering proposals for the Evening Feast: Melanzane alla parmigiana / Lasagnetta al pesto alla maniera Ligure / Carbonara di zucchine rinfrescata al limone / Paccheri al pomodoro confit / Involtini di melanzana con tonnarelli al sugo / Patate al forno con salsa barbecue / Zucchine e carote trifolate con semi di sesamo / Caponata / Insalata mista di stagione con verdure di stagione semi vari e citronette / Desserts: Panna fragole e cioccolato / Cialde al pistacchio con ricotta montata e gocce di cioccolato / Crema al limone con lingue di gatto e melograno / Panna cotta al te verde e lavanda.

We aim to make our catering as affordable as possible, while offering you the satisfaction, health benefits and holistic nourishment provided by high quality food. We also wish that the amazing work of Tommaso, Micol and their crew is paid correctly. To keep calculations easy and to avoid food waste, we kindly ask you to book your food online, in advance, together with your xplore registration.

Prebooking (you can buy a voucher online alongside the registration process)

a) Full board - breakfast, lunch and dinner  35€  1-day  / 100€  3-days 
b) Lunch and dinner 30€  1-day  /  85€  3-days
c) Breakfast and dinner 23€  1-day  /  65€  3-days
d) Breakfast and lunch 20€  1-day  /  55€  3-days

Singles meals on location (only a limited number of plates will be available without prebooking)

09:00h  Breakfast / Colazione  8€   
14:30h  Lunch / Pranzo  15€   
21:30h  Dinner / Cena  18€   




Payment will be possible just after submitting the binding Registration Form,

immediately through Paypal, with CreditCard3 25 Credit Card or  EC 25 Direct Debit - ONLY!

For all payments the internet payment service PayPal is used exclusively. Payments by credit card or EC-debit card will be accepted. An own PayPal account is not required, even if it would be helpful during the registration process, as it could be handled more quickly without longer data entries.
On all payments an additional 3% service charge is added on the final amount. Bank transfer is not possible. Payments received not through PayPal and/or without official payment request as well as without valid registration will be reversed without comment.

After your payment is processed, PayPal will send you a payment confirmation with a transaction code. This serves as the confirmation of your guaranteed participation at the festival. You will not get any other confirmation!

If you do not want or if you are not able to pay instantly now, you need to re-register through the registration form! Your data filled in here including any messages are unread deleted automatically, if the registration process will not be completed by an instant on-line payment through PayPal. Please consider, that you may have to pay a higher price category or face the fact that the festival is sold out already.

The Registration is open. Save your ticket now!


Please note:
booking please use the registration form on this website only. Any attempt to register through the contact form or by email is void and will be neither processed nor answered!
If single price categories or even the entire festival are sold out, please refrain from asking for any further tickets (even for friends or relatives). Please especially no according emails personally to the producers! THANK you so much!


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